ATM Cash Machine Bank

ATM Cash Machine Bank 1

All The Convenience Of Saving And Accessing Money At Home With Your Very Own ATM Cash Machine Bank!

In this economy, it literally pays to save and to manage your money well. At the same time, you might occasionally find yourself in need of some cash pronto and the closest ATM cash machine is just too far away! Well here is a clever device that will kill two birds with one stone!

This is your very own ATM cash machine bank that you can use in the comfort of your own home or office that allows you to store and save money, combined with the novel convenience of being able to withdraw cash whenever you want – just like a real ATM machine! No longer will you need to go find another ATM cashpoint; your nearest cash machine can now literally be beside you!

Don’t let your money lie around loosely in your home or office; store it one place. Save and store your money in this ATM bank and watch as the money accumulates and increases over time!

Everyone of all ages can enjoy this cash machine and reap the benefits of saving money!

This ATM cash machine bank works just like a real ATM machine. Just insert your bank card (included with the machine) and input your personal 4 digit PIN number that you set and voilà – your cash is available!

During use, your ATM bank will light up and make real electronic sounds of a real ATM machine, and will accept both coins and notes. You can check your balance at any time and a function of the machine will allow you to set a target savings amount. The ATM cash machine even includes a real-time alarm clock and calendar. Don’t worry if you lose your bank card, you can also use any plastic cards such as old loyal cards or membership cards to withdraw your money.

What We Think

We had a lot of fun playing around with our very own ATM cash machine bank! For better or for worse, we admit that we sometimes spend more time than we care to count taking trips to our nearest cashpoint to withdraw money. We welcome any clever device that will help us reduce these trips! At the same time we welcome any device that helps us to save money. Although such a simple idea, this machine is very effective at what it sets out to do. After two months of having the ATM machine sitting in our office and using it to store loose coins and notes here and there, we were surprised by just how much money it had accumulated and how much it had cut down our trips to the nearest cashpoint! Plus the idea of having your very own ATM cash machine is so cool!

So if you are looking for convenience and to save some money at the same time, then this is clearly a no-brainer!


If you think this is cool, then check out this alternative design!

ATM Cash Machine Bank 2


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