Boom Box Touch Speaker

Boom Box Touch Speaker 1

Pump Up The Volume On Your Smartphone!

Wouldn’t be cool and awesome to turn your smartphone into a boom box! With the Boom Box touch speaker, you can now pump up the volume on all your favorite songs on your phone! Simply place your phone on top of the speakers and your tunes will instantly amplify!

The Boom Box is an innovative high tech wireless speaker allowing it to connect and interact with your nearby smartphone without the need for wires or cables. This device works with almost every smartphone, iPod and Mp3 player.

The wireless speaker provides rocking amplification for both indoor and outdoor entertainment. And with 10 hours of battery life per charge, there’s plenty of rocking sound to enjoy!

Boom Box Touch Speaker 2

What We Think

The sound boost on these speakers are fantastic! We hooked this baby up on our iPhone and set Spotify to play our favorite tunes and, man was the sound sweet! We were completely blown away by how much this amplified the sound from our smartphone as well as the sound quality itself; it was definitely rocking in our office! When we played some classic rock and some R&B, the sound quality was clean and crisp. We also tried this outdoors at a BBQ and the sound quality was just as solid and awesome!

You don’t need to be a tech genius to use this device, simply rest your smartphone on top of the speakers and that’s it! We think this is a simple but clever piece of kit and we would highly recommend this to anyone who loves rocking tunes. Enjoy your tunes amped up at home or rock up with friends at a party!


That’s not all! If you think this is cool, then check out the Dual Boom Box Touch Speaker!

Dual Boom Box Touch Speaker


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