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Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Makes Pizza Cutting So Simple ….. It’s Almost Like Riding A Bicycle! Sometimes your regular pizza cutter literally just doesn’t “cut” it anymore! Do away with your regular cutter and check
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Motorbike Pizza Cutter

Cut Your Pizza With The Chopper! Pizza cutting can sometimes be such a mundane and tedious task. And sometimes your regular pizza cutter literally just doesn’t “cut” it
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Dust Cleaner

In this day and age, most of us pretty much own mobile phones, computers and cars etc. One common annoying problem is dust and germs. Sooner or later,
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Guitar Pick Punch

Make Your Own Guitar Picks at Home! There is nothing more annoying for guitarists than losing or breaking their picks. Sure, on their own they are not expensive
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Rubber Band Shooter

Become A Gunslinger! Dirty Harry once said to someone “make my day” – and you will certainly make someone’s day with this cool little item ….. Check out
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Melting Clock

Time Literally Melts Away! Spice up your home or office with this unique timepiece inspired by Salvador Dali’s painting “The Persistence of Memory”, bringing his conceptual art to
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