Hand Grenade Lighter

Hand Grenade Lighter 1

Light Up “Action Movie Style” With The Hand Grenade Lighter!

Lighting up with a hand grenade is something you might expect from an action movie star in the middle of an all-guns-blazing scene in a crazy action movie! Now you too can look totally cool and badass with this hand grenade lighter!

Why settle for regular passé cigarette lighters? Imagine how cool you would look whipping out this awesome lighter from your pocket!

This realistic retro style army grenade is portable and easy to carry. It is also a windproof lighter with refillable butane.

Hand Grenade Lighter 3

This item is ideal for someone looking for cool lighters and would make a great gift for the guys!

Just remember not to throw it!

PrintAt Amazon.co.uk

If you think this is cool, then you might also want to check out the double barrel flintlock gun lighter!

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