Motorbike Pizza Cutter

Motorcycle Pizza Cutter 3

Cut Your Pizza With The Chopper!

Pizza cutting can sometimes be such a mundane and tedious task. And sometimes your regular pizza cutter literally just doesn’t “cut” it anymore!

Cut your pizza in style with this cool and rad chopper! Do away with your regular cutter – the motorbike pizza cutter makes cutting your pizza like an easy ride! This novelty pizza cutter has a stainless steel blade that makes quick and easy work of your pizza. It is easy to use and dishwasher suitable.

Add some fun to the kitchen as you ride the chopper through your favorite pizza!

Motorcycle Pizza Cutter 2

Anyone who loves pizza and motorbikes will love the motorbike pizza cutter!

Don’t just cut your pizza – chop it with the chopper!


If you think this is cool then you might want to check out the bicycle pizza cutter and Star Trek pizza cutter!

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