Neon Jellyfish Tank

Neon Jellyfish Tank 1

Fish tanks are pretty cool but let’s face it ….. almost every fancy establishment and decorated home has one! Let’s take it a step further …..

Check This Cool And Awesome Jellyfish Tank!

The tank contains two realistic jellyfish and features LED electronic mood lighting with 18 colour illuminations. Observing the jellyfish swimming around in the tank under neon lighting is certainly a beautiful sight to behold. This is certainly a high tech piece of art and a perfect way to jazz up your home or office. This would certainly catch the attention of your colleagues and clients, and you will become the envy of your friends, even those who already own fish tanks!

Neon Jellyfish Tank 2

What We Think

We had this jellyfish tank placed on a desk in the corner of our office and we have to say that it was a beautiful addition that added an extra fare to the room! Observing the jellyfish swimming around under mood lighting was relaxing on the eyes and felt very therapeutic. Play around with mood lighting and experiment to see which colour fits your mood. We set ours to green as it fit with the vibe in our office. Turn the lights off in the room and you can see just how simply cool and stunning it really is!


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