Night Vision Goggles

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Check Out This Awesome Pair Of Real Spy Gear Night Vision Goggles. Now You Can See in the Dark – Call of Duty Style!

Imagine how cool you would look owning a pair of high tech night vision goggles – very cool I’d say!

If you’ve ever played any modern action spy games in the last few years, then you might have seen just how cool night vision goggles can be. The use of night vision goggles have been seen in games such as Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, and even Batman in the Arkham games has used night vision to great effect. This is real spy gear just like in the games and now you can get you hands on this too!

Ergonomically designed, this awesome piece of high tech headgear allows you to see in total pitch black darkness thanks to its inbuilt IR infrared illuminator that emits a pulsing frequency across its surroundings – that’s some mad science!

The optics are incredible! The high resolution intensifiers allow for magnification with crystal clear imaging!

The goggles are designed with a rubberized armor body for protection and is so lightweight that it can be comfortably worn for prolonged periods, as well as be carried on long journeys. For a piece of equipment that’s quite high tech, we were also surprised by how energy efficient it was.

Yukon Night Vision Goggles 1x24 2

What We Think

We had so much fun with these goggles! We love action movies and games and so we can appreciate just how cool this piece of equipment was – this is real spy gear for adults!

We recently took the goggles outdoors with us on a camping/hiking trip to try out, and man were they awesome! It was such an incredible experience to see everything so clearly in pitch black darkness during a 2am hike and we found navigating through the forest much easier. These night vision goggles have now quickly become an essential on our hiking and camping trips!

We strongly recommend you try it out for yourself!


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