Self Stirring Mug

Self Stirring Mug 6

We all enjoy a good o’ cuppa tea or coffee; but sometimes we might be in a rush to get to office or to finish that last minute assignment ….. or we’re just simply too lazy (we’ve all been there!).

Introducing The Self Stirring Mug!

This clever little mug eliminates the need for all that tedious and tiresome manual stirring; simply press the button on the mug and voilà – your drink instantly stirred!

Self Stirring Mug 5

Ideal for anyone looking to save a few minutes (and a few teaspoons) in making a drink on the go. The self stirring mug is very affordable and can also serve as a great novelty gift for any occasion. The mug is insulating and comes with a non-spill lid to protect your drink.

What We Think

We love this mug – such a simple yet clever idea! We enjoy tea, coffee and hot chocolate but we are also busy people. We were pleasantly surprised at how much time we got to save collectively at a touch of a button (those minutes here and there do add up ….. and yes we admit, we are also slightly lazy in the stirring department!).

Once you start using this mug, it will be hard to go back to any other ordinary mug! We highly recommend that you go add this to your current mug collection at home or in the office.


If you think this is cool, then check out the unspillable Mighty Mug – a mug guaranteed to never fall over and spill your drink!

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