SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster

SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster 1

Build Your Own Marble Roller Coaster!

The cool thing about this feature is that you can build your own roller coaster and watch in amazement as the marbles whiz around the loops and turns with gravity-defying momentum! Once the marbles have reached the end of the roller coaster, the motorized electronic elevator brings it back to the top to start again – the fun just keeps on going!

The roller coaster is extremely easy to assemble and its awesome spectacle will thrill both kids and adults alike!

The SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster is available in different levels from levels 2 to 5, with level 2 being the basic set, and each higher level featuring more elaborate loops, twists and turns!

SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster Level 4

What We Think

We had so much fun with this roller coaster, we just had to go with the level 5 set! It looked so elaborate, we had so much fun building it and watching the marbles zoom around the complicated labyrinth of loops and turns, it was such a cool spectacle to witness! It was rewarding to watch it all come together once we had finished building the set. And once the marbles started rolling, it was like watching something come alive! It appealed to the child inside us!

SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster Level 5

We loved the fact that when you turn it on, the action just keeps going. We found this to make a great display item as we left it running in the background in our office; the marbles whizzing around the track for hours and hours and catching the attention of people walking by commenting how cool it looked!

If you love fun gadgets, then you will definitely get a kick out of this!


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