Spider-Man Mask 3D Wall Light

Spider-Man Mask 3D Wall Light 1

Take This Amazing Wall Light For A Spin!

Check out this Spider-Man mask wall light – anyone who is a fan of the Amazing Spider-Man or Marvel will go absolutely bananas over this! Everyone knows that Wall Crawler can stick to walls – now you can have him stick to yours! Designed to look like Spider-Man has crashed through the wall, this bedroom light illuminates your room through the Web Slinger’s eyes (reminiscent of his Spider Sense!) and will provide enough night lighting that in some cases, you will not be required to switch on the main bedroom light. This is a cool way to bring the Amazing Spider-Man to life in the comfort of your own room!

The light mounts directly onto your wall, which can be easily and quickly installed, and there are no hanging leads or cables – you won’t need to have a physics degree like Peter Parker to install this! The eyes are lit up using an electronic LED which stays cool and never gets hot, and so is safe to use for kids and young teenagers. This is such a nifty piece of tech that even Tony Stark himself probably has one in his own room!

Spider-Man Mask 3D Wall Light 2

What We Think

It may come as to no surprise that we love superheroes! We are not biased, we love superheroes from both the DC and Marvel universe. Spider-Man is one of our favourite superheroes of all time (alongside Batman and Superman!) and so this cool item really caught our attention! We just loved how it felt that Spider-Man was watching over us as he illuminates our room and how appropriate that we have the Wall Crawler on our wall (hey, we’re allowed to be geeks!).

This is a great gift for the kids but also, if you love Iron Man like we do then we’re sure you’ll get a lot of fun out of this too!

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If you think this is cool then take a look at the other awesome Marvel 3D wall lights in the range; including the Iron Man Repulsor Hand, the Thor Mjolnir Hammer, the Captain America Shield, the Incredible Hulk Fist Smash and the Iron Man Helmet – check them out and assemble the Avengers in your own home!

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