Spy Glasses With HD Hidden Camera

Spy Glasses With HD Hidden Camera 1

Capture Video Images And Sound With The Spy Camera Glasses!

Don’t let these glasses fool you, they may be chic and fashionably cool but they are no ordinary pair of glasses! These are special spy glasses with an inbuilt 5 mega pixel camera with 1080p HD. It allows you to record crystal clear video images and sound and upload them onto your laptop or computer with ease as you would with a normal camera or smartphone, with no drivers required.

Spy Glasses With HD Hidden Camera 4

This is real high tech spy stuff and real spy gear that before only James Bond could’ve had. Now you don’t need the assistance of Q to get your hands on this latest spy gadget!

These spy camera glasses are very comfortable and safe to wear, and the camera is undetectable. They look so cool that you can wear them during parties, events or gatherings and appear fashionable Рjust like 007 himself!

Spy Glasses With HD Hidden Camera 2

What We Think

When we saw these spy camera glasses available we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them! 10-15 years ago it was a cool and innovative idea that mobile phones had the ability to record videos but now they have become commonplace.¬†With regards to mobile video recording and convenience, these spy glasses takes things to the next step!

Some of us in the team wear glasses and so when we tried them on it was surprisingly comfortable. The lenses are clear and comfortable on the eyes and do look fashionable. We wore them for the whole day and recorded a couple of hours footage of us in the park and in the restaurant. It was a fun experience to record literally everything you are seeing naturally without having to dig out our phone. These glasses will be great for recording memories during events, gatherings and your travels without the effort of having to hold up your camera or smartphone.

If you are looking for a new alternative to capture your memories or if you’re looking for real spy gadgets for adults then we recommend you get hands on these spy glasses pronto before they disappear!

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