Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Pizza Cutter 1

Boldly Go Where No Other Pizza Cutter Has Gone Before!

Let’s face it – cutting a pizza isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. It can be tedious and boring, especially if you’re always using the same old passé pizza cutter. It is on these occasions that you realise that your regular pizza cutter literally just doesn’t “cut” it anymore!

It’s time for a change and to go boldly where no other pizza cutter has gone before!

Introducing the Star Trek Pizza cutter!

The pizza wheel cutter is made of laser-etched stainless steel, allowing you to cut pizza with ease at warp speed! The naccelles itself allow for easy and stable grip as you slice the pizza. The Star Trek pizza cutter is made of zinc-chromium alloy – it is very strong and dishwasher friendly.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter 2

This is an official Star Trek collectible that is also practical in the kitchen. We think fans of Star Trek will love this novelty gadget and if you are looking a great pizza cutter, then this is the only logical cutter to use!


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