The Unspillable Mighty Mug

The Unspillable Mighty Mug Red 1

Never Spill Your Drink Again With The World’s First Unspillable Mug!

We’ve all been there at one point or another – you make yourself a nice drink, you set it on the table, and shortly afterward, perhaps in a moment of haste or forgetfulness, your arm bumps into the mug spilling your drink all over the contents of your desk! Perhaps in more serious cases, your drink spills onto your keyboard or laptop causing severe damage!

Fortunately you won’t have to worry about spilling again thanks to the awesome and clever Mighty Mug!

The Mighty Mug is designed with the patented “SmartGrip” base, meaning that it will not fall over when knocked into. The SmartGrip clings firmly onto any smooth and flat surface and will only release its grip when the mug is lifted off the desk or table. The mug is very hard to knock down and even clings to walls!

The Mighty Mug is made with a double wall construction, making it perfectly suitable for hot and cold drinks. It also features a leak proof flip top lid to prevent spillages when travelling or carrying the mug.

The mug can be easily disassembled for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

The Mighty Mug comes in a range of different colors: red, pearl, teal and charcoal.

The Unspillable Mighty Mug Red 2

What We Think

It’s not an exaggeration for us to say that the Mighty Mug is the perfect item to have on our desk; in fact you can almost say that it is (figuratively) a life saver! Like many others who work in an office, we like to enjoy a nice green tea or coffee while working and unsurprisingly, our desk is typically littered with documents and electronic peripherals and devices. We’ve definitely experienced a few spillage mishaps in our time!

Thankfully, the Mighty Mug provides peace of mind so that we can enjoy our drink at the desk without having to worry about the risk of ruining documents or damaging laptops.

We highly recommend this mug for your home and office – you will not be disappointed!


If you think this is cool, then check out the self stirring mug – a mug that automatically stirs the drink at a touch of a button, saving you precious minutes each time!

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