Time Bomb Alarm Clock

Time Bomb Alarm Clock 1

Wake Up To An Explosive Morning With The Time Bomb Alarm Clock!

Ever find yourself having trouble waking up to a regular alarm clock? Perhaps you put it on snooze or you just simply don’t wake up to it at all! Let’s face it – your regular alarm clock simply isn’t cut out for it; you need something with a “bit” more impact! How about a time bomb?!

The time bomb alarm clock is guaranteed to wake up even the most heaviest of sleepers, you’d almost want to leap out from your bed to escape from an explosion before realizing that it’s just an alarm clock (phew!)

Designed as a retro style dynamite bomb, this device looks so cool and menacing, as if its straight out of a Hollywood action movie!

As you might expect, this is an incredibly loud alarm clock and on “normal” mode, it works just like most digital alarm clocks – you can set the time, alarm and put it on snooze. Where it gets interesting is that the alarm clock features a big red button that when pressed, triggers a frightening countdown sequence that will “detonate” the bomb when the counter reaches zero! Thankfully the bomb contains attached wires and you have the option of selecting which wire is the correct wire to cut in order to stop the detonation!

Time Bomb Alarm Clock 2

The alarm clock has a built-in rechargeable battery and includes a USB charging cable.

What We Think

This is how you wake up in the morning ….. Hollywood style! This is a cool and novel way of waking up and we had an absolute blast (no pun intended!) with this! For those who are heavy sleepers, set this alarm clock in your home and you will never have excuses for being late in the office again!

We certainly had a lot of fun playing with the countdown and the wires. There was actually a brief moment of suspense as we were deciding which wire was the correct one to cut while at the same time witnessing the time bomb counting down to impending doom! This was perhaps the closest we were ever going to get to being an action movie star!

We’d certainly recommend this for guys who love action movies. We love it – this alarm clock is literally ….. dynamite!

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Time Bomb Alarm Clock 3

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